Don’t buy your Oracle cards from Amazon!

Yes, I said that. I have come to the conclusion that money, in general, really is energy. I know that sounds surprising at first, but we earn money for the energy we expend. In fact, I love the acronym I once heard for money- My Own Natural Energy Yield. It really made a lot of sense to me. So basically, in this post, I want to tell you- don’t waste your money, or energy, on New Thought/New Age products available for sale on

Why am I saying this? Look, I am a huge fan of Oracle & Tarot cards. I got my first deck over 14 years ago, and they were really my first foray in a very spiritually enlightening and fulfilling world. Now, I easily have over 100 decks. I am actually not proud of that at all; it makes me feel too materialistic considering the fact that I own many decks that I didn’t end up using very much. I am currently working on downsizing and simplifying my collection. is of course one of the biggest vendors for anything and everything in the world. However, it is a fact that they are the biggest seller of Oracle and Tarot cards. They sell tons of New Age products, like crystals, stones, necklaces, other jewelry, etc. Speaking as someone who has purchased stones, pendants, and TONS of cards from the website, thinking I was saving money; in the long run, I really wasn’t. The quality of the crystals & various stones is absolutely terrible. I recently bought a pendant made of black obsidian (as a form of protection when doing readings). It was so clearly a fake, and when I wore it for the first time, it broke. And to be honest, it looked and felt like it was plastic when I actually held it and examined it. So, just like that, $14 and ENERGY wasted.

However, it is their cards that might even be a bigger issue for me. Yes, of course you can buy plenty of the newer, best-seller decks and it’s just fine. I mean, cards in general have become thinner in the last 10 years, but that’s not Amazon’s fault. However, Amazon also peddles loads of bootlegged decks, and that is where I have SERIOUS problems. Shady manufacturers out of China and Japan bootleg loads of cards from popular authors, and they make their way onto the massive website. It’s terrible, considering that these decks have price tags that are almost just as high as the original, better-quality versions. The bootlegged decks initially appear as mini versions of the originals, but they are tissue thin, the printing is always substandard, and they don’t come with guidebooks. DON’T BUY THESE! They are an absolute waste of energy.

Sometimes, because of the way the pictures appear online, it can be very difficult to tell if you’re even buying a bootlegged deck or not. The #1, most sure-fire way to check to see if you are buying a bad deck, is to look at the company name that is featured on the listing. They’re in gibberish and they appear capitalized, like MVITOSH, VIGUHIZ, MARLIFOS, etc.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE PRODUCTS. I know you might end up spending a little more money, but buy your decks either from the original manufacturers like Hay House, or go to Ebay, honestly. It’s better to spend a few more dollars and to know for sure that you are going to receive a quality product. I also support physically going to the small-business spiritual gift shops in every community around the country. They always sell tons of books and card decks.

“LSXX Moonology Tarot Cards”FAKE.

If you have any questions about any of this, please write me in the Contact section of the site. NAMASTE!

NEW BOOK CLUB ENTRY: “Awakening to the Fifth Dimension”

I loved this book. I have been following Kimberly Meredith for over a year now, and she truly is instilled with the love, joy, and utter beauty of the Holy Spirit. The passion Kimberly so clearly possesses to help others is undeniably palpable. I think this is what keeps me so interested in following her and taking her classes.

This book is the perfect blueprint to living a new way of life with that enhanced sense of elevated consciousness. She first tells of her upbringing and background working in the entertainment business. This immediately makes her audience see that, even with the career in Hollywood, she is actually a real person. And further, she, like all of us, has faced real struggles in her life. I know that when I read of her difficulties, I was able to identify with her. Some individuals in the New Age/New Thought world feel so “unattainably spiritual” to me. It’s as if I could meditate for a million hours and read all the right books and still not feel as “enlightened” as some people in this business. Kimberly’s different, though. Not only does she possess real healing abilities, but she is also just a real person, with a real heart, and a real soul.

I don’t want to spoil the book for any potential readers, but it is the horrific result of two near-death experiences which leads to her discovering that she’d been blessed by the ethereal forces of a higher dimension. She goes on to share various prayers and affirmations that she’s penned over the last several years, and they so clearly reflect her journey to finding out about the magical beauty of a 5th Dimensional consciousness.

One of the best parts of this book, however, are the various recommendations she makes to her clients in the way of which supplements to take, which foods to eat, how to meditate; she even goes as far as explaining about the best way to drink your water. She is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the overall health benefits of water…which is something I for one think we need to hear more of from folks with notoriety.

I could go on and on. The bottom line is “Awakening to the Fifth Dimension” is not only interesting AND beneficial to her fans and followers, but to individuals who are simply interested in finding out about living their lives in a more enriched, organic, and CONSCIOUS way. Do yourself a favor and check out this book!

  • This book review was written by Louis Grassi and is also featured on other vendor websites.

Positivity from peril (thanks to God)

I do try to live my life by certain morals and standards that I’ve set for myself with the help of God and my wonderful and beloved parents.  I also think that it’s important to talk about some aphorisms that have aided me so profoundly about a decade ago when I was experiencing such horrible circumstances, like seeing friends almost die right before my eyes, almost overdosing myself (I only barely remember), being locked up in numerous “psych wards,” detoxing off of painkillers, getting arrested in my hometown on Christmas, the list could go on and on, but I think you’ve got the idea.

Really, I think it starts with good, simple positive thinking.  And hey, if you’re into visualizing and you find that it works for you, then go for it. I never found that visualization was something that worked for me. Yet, positive thinking, starting from a prayerful, meditative mindset is what works for me. And everybody, even certain miserable politicians could benefit from this way of thinking!  I’ve always had a hard time with praying/meditating regularly, hey let’s just put it out there, right?!  I thought making a prayer book would help, especially since I’m obsessed with visual art.  So far, in all honesty, it has helped enormously. It is a guide to which I can go back when I never see fit, and I really love that!

To continue, I found this page that was supposed to go into the book, (which I so aptly titled The Spiritual Upgrade for Addicted Dummies).  However, I had a few pages too many because the paper was so thick that they wouldn’t fit in the three-ring binder I was using to hold it all together.  So I had to leave some pages out, unfortunately.  I suppose there is still some inclination left in me to hoard though, since I still have those extra pages, but it’s to my spiritual advantage today, I would say.

Flower filled with the words of the Serenity Prayer. From one of my own journals.

The page that I found is a simple, short & sweet excerpt from, believe it or not, an older book, called Anxiety & Panic Attacks – Their Cause and Cure written by Robert Handly in 1985.  As one can see from the title, it’s a book that focuses on anxiety, but there is a rather large section about how addiction and use of substances like alcohol is a viable means for a nasty case of anxiety.  It was one page in his book that truly caught my eye: page 200 – very easy to remember.  Handly tells his readers to practice the FIVE R’s when we’re stopping taking drugs and alcohol and STARTING to THINK positively.  To me, it’s mind-boggling, because he makes it sound so rudimentary, and really it is.  It was almost like I needed that foreign third party to point that notion out to me.  Internally, I didn’t know how rid myself of negative thoughts, which led to continued drug & alcohol use.

The FIVE R’s:
(My comments after each bullet may sound easier said than done, especially towards the end.  I’m fully, fully aware of that.  I know it’s an exceptionally long and difficult process.  However, this is what the process looks like over a good deal of time.  Plus, it’s not as dispiriting as you might initially think if you are going through this.  Latch on to solid support and do as he/she says; if you have no close family/friends, find someone in the hospital or @ an AA meeting.)

1. “REALIZE you may be using your habit to escape the effects of negative thinking.
Lou: Use dope to not have to think while I’m trying to fall asleep at night.
2. RECOGNIZE that your habit has become a problem.
 Lou: I’m scamming my parents out of so much money.
3. REFUSE to continue the habit.
 Lou: I need to stop, so I am stopping.
4. REPLACE the habit with something better.
 Lou: Instead of using drugs, I’m going to an AA meeting, really.  (This tends to be the most difficult step, along with #3, of course.  Certainly was for me.  Drugs/alcohol = the love of your/our/my life at the time.  There is a huge, cavernous void in my soul where drugs once set up shop.  So, if you have trouble with this one, I get it.)
5. RELAX and the use the unconscious.”
Lou: If you used like I did, you were always on the go. Take a nap! (I mean that, I slept so much in early recovery; my head felt so much clearer after some much-needed R&R!)

It all started with a …dream?

It started with prophetic dreams while I slept. My dreams from the preceding night would come true in the next day or two. It was exceptionally alarming at first but I got used to it. The first one and probably one of the most memorable was one day during the early morning hours when I was just 7 years old. I dreamt that I could see my paternal grandfather in a plush, soft, and very grand field, simply walking around aimlessly with an enormous smile gracing his face. I have no idea how long this lasted for as time is basically non-existent when we dream. All of a sudden, I remember him being whisked up into the big blue sky like a vacuum zipping across a carpet.

I am sure you could predict what I had discovered when I awoke just the next morning. He’d passed that night. I couldn’t believe it. Also, as a remarkable rather random bonus to this story, at the time of his passing I had maybe just a couple more baby teeth left to lose. Well, whenever I saw my grandfather, he would always joke and taunt me and my siblings, but it was always in his trademark, stern Italian jest.

Nevertheless, sometimes he did go too far with scaring us, particularly me, but it was in good fun. He loved to pull our loose teeth if we had them. And sometimes, he pulled teeth prematurely (quite unfortunately). Anyways, I am veering off in the Waybackmachine and I should get back. Well, at the time of his passing, I’d had this one tooth that just wouldn’t come out, even when I yanked extremely hard on it. I’d even called on the familial troops to help me. Alas, the morning of his death, the tooth was ACTUALLY out of my mouth and underneath my pillow. I know that it was him committing one final ribbing, if you will. Nonetheless, this whole occurrence was my first experience with prophetic dreams, yes, but also anything related to my conscious connection to the unseen, but very real, spirit world.

Now, I see that I can talk to the spirits of the loved ones that have passed from opiate/opioid overdoses. To be specific I usually feel the Spirit to either my right OR left side, but it is always one or the other. And, of course, Spirit always presents itself ABOVE me. I always seem to find each initial, distinct exposition of Spirit fascinating.

I love spreading love energy. I believe it is a type of work that is worthwhile. Yes, there are people that can get drawn into doing it, and I honestly believe we all have the capacity to do it (with sufficient tutelage and engagement), since we all, as humans, have the capacity to LOVE.

Join me on my journey. Just in case, though, I’ll keep sending postcards.

Rootin’ for Ramblin’ Mike!

I am always on the lookout for fun, soothing Taroists to follow via YouTube. I have to say, I do enjoy this crazy Ozzy-esque character who goes by Ramblin’ Mike. He really brings large doses of fun and a refreshing clarity to the Tarot. Also, I am all about the ASMR-goodness when he shuffles his various decks. All of that being said, however, I can only take him in doses. If I’m feeling more quiet and introspective, he is exactly NOT what I need. I’d probably opt for the soothing loveliness that I hear when I check out Ocean Only‘s Tarot vids. But nonetheless, these are both wonderful Taroists that you can readily check out on YouTube!

Louis to read at LEAPIN’ LIZARDS in PORTLAND, ME!

THIS JUST IN! Louis will begin doing Akashic Records readings this coming Saturday, Sept. 11th at Leapin’ Lizards on Forest Ave. in Portland, ME! He will be there from 11a-5p ET. Leapin’ Lizards is southern Maine’s most popular crystal gift shop; check it out! **ALSO: Take a look at the website to find out when I’ll next be in doing readings! I hope you’re as excited as I am. Many thanks & God bless YOU.

PRICING for in-person appointments:
15 mins- $28
30 mins- $55
60 mins- $85