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Intuitive Medium, Akashic Records Practitioner, Certified Recovery Coach

My name is Louis Grassi and I am an intuitive medium. I also do readings in the Akashic Records. Moreover, I am extremely passionate about what I do. I was a drug addict for years until I finally got sober in 2014, thanks to God and my family. In early recovery, I started noticing that my senses were heightened, to say the least. My intuition was getting stronger, and I was becoming extremely sensitive to the feelings and emotions of people that were around me physically. A few years later, I started feeling emotions and even hearing the words of people that had already passed on into Spirit.

This was obviously alarming initially, because I was scared that I could be dealing with some kind of mental illness. Then I realized, no- it couldn’t be that. The evidence lay in the fact that I would only hear from people that were deceased. Plus, it was only when I asked to hear from them, such as in meditation or prayer. I had more control over how the energy came to me, so that is how I knew I wasn’t sick.

To hone in on this gift and become more proficient, I have taken many classes and studied with some absolutely amazing mediums. I feel totally blessed to have taken classes with several teachers from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, based in Stansted, England. I have also worked under the outstanding Massachusetts-based Spiritual mediums Laura Wooster & Lori Sheridan. For the Akashic Records, I work with the well-known, extremely talented Patty Collinsworth. I am a certified practitioner with Dr. Linda Howe’s Center for Akashic Studies (www.lindahowe.com).

What People Say

The experience was truly amazing and precise. Thank you Louis for your illuminating insight.

– Helen, Manchester, NH

Louis gave me powerful insights into my life that have already helped me greatly. Highly recommended.

– Jennifer, Portland, ME

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